На конкурс “Joaquín Pérez de Arriaga-85” поступило 60 этюдов от 44 композиторов из 20 стран. Судья Luis Miguel González включил в присуждение 21 этюд (PDF PGN).

Отмечено много этюдов, интересных мало, понравившихся – ни одного. Мой “дислайк” – композиторам и судье. Конкурс выглядел бы намного привлекательнее, если бы судью научили не мусорить.

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Martin Minski
Martin Minski
5 лет назад

I think the first three studies are the best of this tournament. I agree with the judge.


Jan Timman, 5th prize: It can not be original. There are already a lot of studies with such task of sacrifices by promoted queens. See for ex. Hornecker & Minski, 26.-30. place in the 9th WCCT (the anticipations are surely the reason that this study is not in the top 20).

Good news: Janos Mikitovics is back! This is a good scheme, but in the introduction there are two captures of pieces which has not move: 3.RxBa6 QxNb5.

Afek & Minski, 2nd hm: This study has nothing to do with the first prize by Steffen Nielsen in the Jenever Ty in 2017, because the queen sacrifices are differently motivated . But this is an «echo study» of our 2nd hm (again!) in the Moscow Ty 2017. I hope the reader enjoys this study!