Phenix 2017

Петер Дьярмати присудил конкурс в журнале Phenix. Про судью я уже все сказал раньше. Вбейте его имя в окно поиска и посмотрите, не сильно ли я его хвалил. Мое мнение об отмеченных этюдах уже неинтересно даже мне самому! Грубые судейские ошибки вы увидите и без моей помощи… если будете оценивать замысел, а не тупо считать взятия и жертвы.

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Martin Minski
Martin Minski
4 лет назад

1st prize by Timman: 9.Bf5!! is an excellent idea! A worthy winner.

2nd prize by Krug: After 5.Bf5+ it is a good study. The introduction is not my taste (no connection).

3rd prize by Timman: 6.g3!!  with a full board reciprocal zugzwang is very surprising.

special prize by Hlinka & Kekely: not bad, but the white rook on d5 doesn’t move.

Martin Minski
Martin Minski
4 лет назад

I wrote something to get your opinion about the prize studies. Very insightful!

Why are we the only ones who write our opinion? It’s a pity! Indeed, the 1st prize is anticipated. I thought the judge checked it…

In the 2nd prize I also don’t like the brutal 2 … Qxe4 followed by the forced exchange on h7.

Of course, the study by Becker is much more profound. I gave 3 points as judge in the FIDE album.

Recently I saw again David Gurgenidze’s famous 1st prize from 1985 with queen sacrifice, double check and double pin stalemate in the book by Mark Dvoretsky & Oleg Pervakov “Studien für Praktiker”.

This study inspired me to the following study:

I have never composed something like that. You will reject it for sure.