Chess Study in Poland (1983)

Book Cover: Chess Study in Poland (1983)

Название: Studium Szachowe w Polsce 1890-1980
Автор: Grzegorz Grzeban, Jan Rusinek
Издательство: Sport i Turystyka, Warszawa
Год: 1983
Страниц: 150
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In Polish chess literature, there has never been a single book dedicated to the so-called chess studies. And this is a department of composition that deserves special attention not only because of its direct relationship with the practical game and the benefits it brings for the education and improvement of chess players, but also because it has recently been developing spontaneously, especially in socialist countries. Until recently, in Poland, there was no interest in this beautiful section of composition, and the works of Polish authors were published in the specialist press sporadically by composers only accidentally involved in studies (with one exception ). Recently, this state has changed radically. The names of Polish authors can be found among the winners, many times in the leading places, at many world competitions. Since 1956, there is also a study section in the monthly "Szachy". Both this and some other periodicals systematically organize author competitions in which many leading composers from all over the world take part. The time has come when we can summarize the results so far and can also encourage crowds of chess players, especially young people, among whom there will certainly be many new talents to become interested in this particularly beautiful field of chess culture . We hope that the first monographic study of selected Polish studies in Polish will meet these expectations.

Rozdział I. Co to jest studium szachowe?
Rozdział II. Kompozycja studiów w Polsce przed pierwszą wojną światową
Rozdział III. Dawid PRZEPIÓRKA
Rozdział IV. Szaja KOZŁOWSKI
Rozdział V. Grzegorz GRZEBAN
Rozdział VI. Włodzimierz PROSKUROWSKI
Rozdział VII. Jan RUSINEK
Rozdział VIII. Inni polscy kompozytorzy studiów
Rozdział IX. Konkursy autorskie na studia w Polsce
Indeks alfabetyczny autorów studiów

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