Genius in the Background (2009)

Book Cover: Genius in the Background (2009)

Название: Genius in the Background
Автор: Karolyi Tibor
Издательство: Quality Chess
Год: 2009
Страниц: 384
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Главы книги:

1. Topalov's Junior Trainer
2. Versatility (Yochanan Afek)
3. A Gentleman highly respected
4. Kasparov's Junior Trainer
5. In Love with Chess until the End
6. Kasparov's 'Half-Brother'
7. The Endgame Expert
8. The Man whose Life was Saved by Chess
9. "When Garry played I was with him"
10. The Stars of a developing Chess Nation
11. The Moscow Magician (Oleg Pervakov)

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