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17 studies by 17 authors from 11 countries participated in the tourney. Judge Sergei Osintsev included 10 studies in his award. Only PDF-file was available, that’s why the publication of the studies on the site has been postponed. In summer I don’t enjoy very much making PGN files. Fortunately, there’s a kind man who is not that lazy and he did the work. He sent me the file just when I was reading Ian Watson’s latest article about his studies. The article has a big title «Champion Composers» (BCM, July 2018):

“Who are the top study composers right now? I’ve introduced several to you in this column – Pervkov and Bazlov, for example. In the most recent composing tourneys, several other names have kept appearing in the top prizes: Richard Becker, Pavel Arestov, Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen among them. Yes, it’s invidious to pick a leader, but if you force me to, I think one composer is maybe slightly ahead of the others: Martin Minski. He’s a maths teacher from Berlin born in 1969, and, although he began composing in 1993, most of his best-known works are from the last ten years”.

Thank you, Martin, for your composing work and for the possibility to show here the studies from the Romanian tourney. You have confirmed your high class again.

P.S. Study by P.Arestov and D.Keith has another solution. It is disqualified in the final award.

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